(Source: femme-photo)

(Source: femme-photo)

Anonymous asked: Absolutely adore your work. Do you have any other favorite tumblrs?

why thank you!

I mainly just follow my friend’s blogs on here, but I do follow a few dedicated to film and fine art. Some of my favorites are:






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rightly-guided asked: Excellent work! What do you shoot with and what film?

I mainly use a canon rebel 2000 and I shoot with the cheapest 35 mm I can find haha.

pretty textures from today’s hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway

nuovodiavolo asked: I enjoy your work so very much.

thank you so very much!

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cinemagrrl asked: I appreciate ur talent so much

Thank you, kind soul!

somefilmtalk asked: I Really like your photos!

thank you so much!

(Source: femme-photo)

(Source: femme-photo)

(Source: femme-photo)